Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hi, everybody!

Years ago, a Dungeons & Dragons-playing cousin of mine told me he thought I would make a good DM. At the time I had little to no interest in tabletop gaming, and so didn't take the comment too seriously. After several years of exposure to gaming-related geek culture (not to mention seeing one of my favorite series of books being adapted into an absolutely beautiful game – hello, Dresden Files RPG!), however, I'm beginning to suspect he was probably right.

Certainly, although I've had a number of ideas about games that would be fun to run or play in, all my knowledge of gaming is purely theoretical. This blog, then will be kind of an archive of those ideas, getting them down on paper (so to speak) for easy access should I ever get the chance to participate in an actual game. This will largely take the form of world-building; setting descriptions, character concepts, that sort of thing.

Perhaps not coincidentally, when in the past I've tried my hand at writing fiction it's always the settings and characters that were most interesting to come up with, leaving plot a distant third, so we'll see if I get any farther writing them this way.

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