Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Priming The Pump

And I mean that it two senses.  Firstly in my return to gaming-related blogging after that unplanned hiatus - I have been cooking up some ideas in the meanwhile, which may or may not ever actually get posted.

Second, and much more interestingly, it refers to a document recently made available by Noisms over at his ever-interesting blog Monsters and Manuals. I'll just let him describe it in his own words:

"It's 2200 pages of in-depth analysis and creative brainstorming by a large number of rpg.net geeks regarding EVERY SINGLE MONSTER IN THE 2nd EDITION ADnD MONSTROUS MANUAL."

I feel fairly certain that this will be old news to just about everyone who reads this, but in case it's not - go read it. Seriously, just the first couple of letters have sparked plenty of inspiration for me, and many of the contributers are quite witty, to boot.

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