Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun with 4dF

Via Fred Hicks' blog Deadly Fredly comes this neat chart for using the standard FATE complement of four Fudge dice to determine "the mood of the room":

Not only is this interesting for the idea that the ratio of friends to enemies in a given location is something that can be tracked and accounted for, but the use of Fudge dice gives the chart some interesting characteristics.

For example, as with every such chart that uses more than one die, not every result is equally likely - note the probabilities helpfully provided for determining whether a given result is more or less likely. This could be useful for a "random encounters" sort of table, where you would expect to find fewer, say, Plutonium Dragons than Potted Plants.

Using Fudge dice, in particular, adds another layer of complexity in that results can be largely sorted into "positive", "negative" and "neutral" groups. A couple of ideas here might be "Fellow Travelers on the Road" (admittedly conceptually similar) or "Contents Discovered in Storage Crates".

Thanks again to Fred for sharing this idea!

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