Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zeppelin Vs Pterydanthals

So, it's just about twelve hours until the deadline for the "Gimmie Your Weird Adventures" contest currently being run by Trey of From the Sorcerer's Skull (which blog was the basis of the Weird Adventures weird-pulp-fantasy setting). Inspiration having struck sooner rather than later, I did come up with this:

Zeppelin Vs Pterydanthals

A technological marvel meets a hitherto unknown civilization in Far Asciana.

Set-Up: Blown off course from their previous heading, an airship filled with adventurers and other passengers has just gotten its bearings when, suddenly, an attack comes from the jungle below. The attack proves to be the work of a previously unknown population of winged caimen, based out of a ruined temple complex.

Highlights: Dogfighting the Ptero-men in the airship's scout plane. A sea of green surrounding an ancient stone mountain. Ominous flapping from the darkened windows of the ship's lounge.

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