Sunday, July 19, 2015

An Interesting Observation

As most everyone in the hobby has probably heard by now, the Bones III Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures is going strong, with just under a week left to finish and lots of interesting-looking stretch goals to fill.

Poking around some of the miniatures that were produced in the last go-around, I came across this guy, and it got me thinking:

(Possible Razor Coast spoilers beyond the jump.)

You may have already noted that the general idea and pose of the wereshark bears some resemblance to the cover art of the main Razor Coast book, which I shared previously. It finally struck me, though, that the mini is wielding a shark-tooth punch dagger, which happens to be the signature weapon of one of the main villains of the Razor Coast setting (Dalang Jalamar, the wereshark cult leader, although he is noted to have a matched set of said punch daggers, the Teeth of Dajobas).

Seeing as how the Razor Coast books were themselves Kickstarted about a year before the Reaper Bones II, it seemed at first quite likely to me that this figure was designed as an homage to that setting. However, subsequent research has turned up an earlier figure with similar characteristics, so this may not be the case after all. Maybe the character was inspired by the older miniature? In any event, I have yet to see a version of this mini painted "jet-black" to match the description of the character, and now am rather interested it giving it a shot myself. The first step, I suppose, is to acquire a copy of the miniature . . .

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